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Article: How To Moisturize For Hair Growth

How To Moisturize For Hair Growth

How To Moisturize For Hair Growth

The BIGGEST enemy to Natural Hair Growth is DRYNESS!!! This is because natural hair is naturally dry because the oils and sebum that our scalp produces has a difficult time traveling all the way down the length of our hair due to its curly, coily, or kinky texture.





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Think about a regular vs silly straw. It takes longer for the drink to reach your mouth with a silly straw due to its shape vs a regular straw. Therefore our hair texture contribute to dryness.







Most of us believe our issues with hair growth lie with the scalp. So we spend hundreds of dollars on "hair growth oils" and massage our scalps until our fingers fall off!!!

In reality, most of us are growing hair from our scalp perfectly fine at an appropriate rate. The issue is the lack of care for the hair that grows. This leads to dryness which produces breakage and prevents us from retaining length.

When you hear the comment, "My hair isn't growing. It has stayed the same length for years.", most likely their hair has always been growing, but has been breaking off at the same rate so the length hasn't changed.

Therefore the key to growth for most of us is combating dryness. We do this by keeping our hair hydrated and moisturized to strengthen our hair so it does not break.

Think about an uncooked versus cooked pasta noodle. Because uncooked noodles are dry with no moisture, they are very easy to snap in half. A cooked noodle has moisture so it has more elasticity and strength making it difficult to break, similar to what happens when moisture is introduced to our hair.






 Here are a few tips to Moisturize for Hair Growth

1. Apply Sealing products to lock moisture into the hair. Sometimes we use hydrating products but our hair gets dry very quickly. Water and oil do not mix so applying a butter/oil based product after applying a hydrating product helps to keep moisture from escaping for a long period of time. Look for thick, creamy products with ingredients like shea butter, mango butter, and oils. A great sealing product is our Hydrating Hair Butter!!!

2. Wear Low Manipulation Hairstyles. Every time we touch our hairwe are removing moisture which is sometimes unavoidable such as wash days. Wearing hairstyles that prevent you from having to constantly touch, style, or care for your hair is a great way to retain moisture! Ex. Braids, Mini Twists, Locs, Wigs, etc.

3. Use hydrating, water-based products. It is very important that the products we are using to moisturize our hair have enough hydration. Therefore, before purchasing a hydrating product such as a leave-in conditioner or deep conditioner, always look to make sure one of the first few ingredients is water. This is a good sign to determine whether your products can hydrate and moisturize your hair.




We recommend our Hydrating Hair Butter which helps to hydrate and seal moisture into the hair to promote length retention!!!





Our biggest struggle when it comes to hair growth is dryness, so it's important to make sure your hair is always hydrated and moisturized to strengthen your hair and retain length. While focusing on scalp health is important, be sure not to neglect the health of your actual hair to avoid experiencing excessive breakage leading to a lack of growth. Using sealing/hydrating products and wearing low manipulation styles are great ways to ensure your hairis hydrated so that you can reach your hair growth goals!!!


I’m definitely going to incorporate this into my daily schedule! thank you so much

Ginika Pascaline

These tips were so helpful! It was described perfectly and with the pictures demonstrating what each term means really helped me out! Ty!

Abigail Baffoe

Just sooooo tired if these different products promising the same thing. Next thing I know my mone is gone and I’m still left with dry hair.

Aiysha Guerrero

this is so helpful I am so excited to try this out and get your moisturizing butter

Marley Holness

Thanks for the tip I’ll most definitely think of this a lot!


I moisturize my hair once or twice a week. My ends are quite dry. I don’t know if I should cut leave it be


Excited to see the growth i’ll achieve by using your products your such a blessing love 💗


Thank you I just placed my order

Alauna Moffett

Since starting my natural hair journey, I’ve been on the lookout for the best products to help me achieve my hair goals. After stumbling upon your products, I’m confident that I’ve found exactly what I need. I’m excited to get my hands on them and see the amazing results for myself!

Ooreoluwa Sharon Oladokun

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a dry hair and scalp problem. I can’t wait to use these tips in the future. Thank you so much for this🙏

Liyah B

One thing I have noticed is that my hair loves butter. When I use oil, it doesn’t feel good but using butter keeps my hair moisturised for days and I love it.

Phoebe Oko

One thing I have noticed is that my hair loves butter. When I use oil, it doesn’t feel good but using butter keeps my hair moisturised for days and I love it.

Phoebe Oko

My hair grows, but it also breaks and this concerns me a lot, so learning what helps keeps hair moisturised and what products do the trick is a great help, because some products dry out your hair even more. So thank you


Hi I’m Za’leia I think you can tell when you first see it but I’m new and never order something yet and your hair is beautiful you said in one of your videos that you don’t like when people say they wish their hair was like your when they don’t try but I wish my hair was like your because nothing really works on my hair oil, hair good, deep conditioner nothing oil makes my hair itch when first put in so I can’t really put the stuff in your hair in mine hair I have to say water only help and I think it helps for other people to I mean it’s water nothing to it . Sorry for the long paragraph next time I’ll leave a smaller comment have a good day and may good bless you and your business


thank you so much your tips have really helped me


Thanks a lot for these they are of so much help.



I’m going to try to hydrate my hair more and use the hair butter and oil

Carina Irene

Retaining moisture with low porosity is a struggle.

Shawn Caselberry

Ive had to big chop twice due to breakage from dryness and improper detangling. Ive been learning to listen to my hair to know when its dry

Trevinia Turner

Once I finally realised that dry hair was the root of my breakage, it was like a light bulb switched on. I’ve finally grown my hair past armpit length and can’t wait to see how long my hair can get. Thank you Brittany for your wisdom on natural hair.


My biggest issue biggest issues with my hair care journey has been dryness and loss of hair. Thank you for all the wonderful tips

Primerra Timmons

I cut my hair because it was not growing but I think my hair was always dry do I will start moisturizing it more. Thanks


Moisturizing is one of my biggest hurdles in my hair care journey. I have learned so much by watching this channel on YouTube. Thanks again


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