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our story

meet our founder

Brittany rose

Instagram @brittt.rose | TikTok @britttanyrose | Youtube @britttanyrose

All About Us

A Naturale Rose was created by Brittany Rose, in 2021, due to her passion for growing long, healthy natural hair. At the start of her hair growth journey in 2017, she experienced a continuous struggle to find products that catered to her type 4 hair with natural, safe ingredients. Therefore, she decided to create her own which helped her to grow and maintain waist length hair!!!
In January 2021, she posted a video of one of her hair growth recipes which went viral with over 4.5M views!!! She then decided to create A Naturale Rose to share the products that aided her hair growth journey so others could experience the same!!!
Brittany Rose also views her relationship with Christ as having the utmost importance and decided to incorporate this passion into A Natural Rose as a way to encourage and uplift others. By sharing her journey with Christ and teaching others how to become closer to God, we hope you not only grow your hair but also your spirit!!!