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Article: Which Protective Style is Best for Hair Growth?

Which Protective Style is Best for Hair Growth?

Which Protective Style is Best for Hair Growth?


Protective Styles can be EXTREMELY beneficial when it comes to your hair growth journey!!! But there are so many!!! So how do we know which one is the best for our hair journey???

We do know that all protective styles can be EQUALLY protective when done correctly. So the preference lies in which one suits your taste and hair the best!!!

Lets talk about it!!!



Braids/Twists (with added hair)- These 2 styles are very well-known in the natural hair community. There are so many different version from boho braids, knotless braids, box braids, passion twists, senegalese twists, etc. Braids and twists are great protective styles to do in the summer as they can be very lightweight and protective for hot weather. With practice these styles can be easily done yourself. Of course, you can opt to go to a professional as well. We caution that you be aware of how tightly the style is applied around your edges to reduce breakage. Also, make sure that you hair is properly hydrated and trimmed prior to install.



Mini Braids/ Mini Twists (without added hair)- If you are a beginner to protective styling, these are great options as they do not require added hair and are relatively easy/quick to do!!! A great advantage to these styles is that they can be done with free parts so there is little to no struggle. We caution that you ensure your hair is thoroughly detangled and hydrated before install to ensure removal is easy with minimal breakage.




Wigs/Sew-Ins- These 2 styles are very controversial regarding how protective they can be, especially when involving leave-out. Contrary to popular belief, these styles are very protective when done correctly. Wigs allow your hair to sit in cornrows or twists leading to low manipulation and length retention. Though sew-ins require leave out, we find that curly sew-ins can help reduce leave out manipulation. We caution that you be aware of how wigs are applied to your hair line to reduce breakage. Also, make sure that you hair is properly hydrated and trimmed prior to install.



Ponytails/buns- These styles are also great for beginners. Buns and pnytail extensions are great at protecting ends allowing for minimal breakage. They are also the most cost-effective style. We caution that you do not consistently wear buns/ponytails in the same spot to reduce breakage. Also be aware of how tightly the style is applied.




We recommend our Hydrating Hair Butter for hydrating and sealing moisture into the hair during protective styles!!!





Protective Style EXAMPLE

Check out this video below for a tutorial on boho braids as a great protective style!!!!!




Final Thoughts

There are so many protective styles to use for your hair journey!!! From braids to mini twists to wigs to buns...the possibilities are endless!!! As long as the styles are applied correctly and your hair is properly moisturized underneath, the benefits for growth are unmatched!!! Which styles work for you???


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Always love a good, short, and sweet informational article/blog post. I just got cornrows a week ago and I love how they turned out. My hair is on the shorter side so for now, I’m trying to focus on protective styles that will help keep my hands out of my hair so I’m now pulling and messing with it often. I’m thinking two-strand twists or mini twists for my next style!


How can I be notified of when products are back in stock?


Notify when product is in stock so that I may order thank you so much for understanding

Martha A Seamster

How can I be notified when your products are back in stock? I would like to purchase immediately.

Korinne Hawkins

Two strand twist usually my go cause you can wear them in a style and take them out and style as well. Plus they hold moisture in well.

Connie Muldrow

I know I definitely need a trim. I’m so excited to try the hydrating butter to keep my hair moisturized in protective styles.


I have braids in rn hopefully thry weren’t to tight

Tristina Mitchell

I have received the hair hydrating butter. However I’m still waiting for the strengthening oil to be restocked. When can I look to order it? I’m excited to start my hair journey.

Michelle Logan Williamson

I really need to figure out a protective style that I can deal with. I feel like I can’t keep my hands out my hair long enough to keep one in long enough. I can go maybe 2 weeks (the longest) these days maybe with medium sized twists (without added hair). Might take a few of these from the list and try something new 🤔


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