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Article: How To Trim for Hair Growth

How To Trim for Hair Growth

How To Trim for Hair Growth


One of the BIGGEST myths in the natural hair community is how to properly trim!

Let's talk about it!!!






Trimming is a super important process in hair growth!!! It helps to keep our ends healthy and prevent breakage/damage of our hair strands. If we do not trim, the damage of our ends could travel up the length of our hair strands. So instead of needing one inch trimmed, you now need four!!!!

Unfortunately their is conflicting information about how to properly trim in order to promote growth. Some say that we should trim every 6 weeks while others say every 6 months. Some say trim on stretched hair while others say wet. Some say only dust your ends while others say trim a few inches.

So what do we do?????

Like any hair care routine, it all depends on what works best for YOU!!! There are many factors that determine what type of trim routine matches your hair.

For example, if you wear protective styles often, you might not need to trim as often as someone who wears their hair out more. This is because the more exposed our ends are, the more single strand knots and breakage we receive.

On the other hand, those with chemically or colored treated hair may have to trim more than those with natural, untreated hair. Chemicals can weaken the hair strand which making one more susceptible to breakage.

One thing we do know is to NEVER follow a set schedule for trimming. You should ONLY trim when you see breakage, otherwise you are cutting off healthy hair for the sake of trimming once a month for example.




Here are a few tips to Trim for Hair Growth


1.Observe your breakage. Learning what breakage looks like on your hair can be helpful in determining when to trim. For example, with tighter hair, sometimes its easier to see breakage on stretched hair as it might sometimes be hidden within your texture. Also unhealthy ends can take on many forms. Sometimes it can be the way they feel, the way they look in your styles, or noticeable thinness. It is important to learn what breakage looks like for you to avoid unnecessary trims and also stop damage early.

2. Use Hair Scissors. Not using hair scissors can actually worsen ends during a trim. Hair scissors are formulated with a sharp angle than cleanly cuts the ends and removes breakage. Using regular scissors with blunt edges may cut your hair at an angle that causes more split ends or that does not completely remove damage. We say it is worth it to invest in a good pair of hair scissors.

3. Keep ends hydrated. This is a great way to reduce the amount of trims needed. As we learned in previous newsletters, hydrated hair reduces breakage which will reduce how much hair needs to be trimmed. Ways to do this are using products like our Hydrating Hair Butter to lock moisture in the hair and strengthen your ends. Also, wearing styles that keep ends protected helps to prevent them from being exposed, drying out, and breaking. Great end protecting styles are wigs, mini twists, buns, and braids!


Check Out This Tutorial for How To Trim







Trims are very important when it comes to our hair growth journey. They help remove breakage that could potentially travel throughout the length of our hair. Therefore, it is important to have a trim routine that works for YOU!!! Observing breakage, using the proper tools, and keeping your ends hydrated/protected are great ways to ensure you are trimming correctly for growth!!!

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I got my hair trimmed in November 2023, and that was the first time in YEARS. The stylist didn’t cut too much of my dead ends, but they are definitely still there. Thank you for this article, I’ll have to now see what will work for me to retain my length!


I always trimmed my hair once in a blue moon, thanx for the tips now I know that I was doing something wrong.


Thanks, I didn’t understand the concept of trims but thanks to your blog I finally understand.

tojumi oludairo

This was really helpful! I’m transitioning my hair so its more prone to dryness since I still have permed hair, and split ends are a nightmare, so me learning how to trim properly is really important for me. Thanks!!

Abigail Baffoe

Thank you so much for sharing your tips! I’ve never really understood when and how often I should actually trim my ends. This was very helpful!

Tasha Danielle

thank you for showing me, because girl I was terrified.


I am trying to get my niece hair to grow and be healthy.

La Shonda R Martin

Wow! That’s why I follow u, u actually care about us and take the time to give us actual tips that we can use! Thanks so much for everything

Jasmine D



Hi holle


I recently started trimming my hair because I’m transitioning and I was thinking if i should still trim it when I’m already fully natural and this was so helpful, thank you soo much💕


Omg this is so helpful thank you for sharing your tips!! ❤️❤️


Thank you for sharing. Knowing when to trim is something that I’m working on. Also knowing how much to trim. I usually just trim off what appears damaged. I don’t go for a certain amount of inches.

Monique Burnett

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