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Article: How To Read The Bible

How To Read The Bible

How To Read The Bible

Being able to accurately read the Word of God in a way that produces understanding and growth is key to any Christian's spiritual journey.

So... let's talk about it!!!




Matthew 4:4 talks about the importance of spending time in the Word of God. This contradicts popular opinion in today's society that the Bibleis not needed in having a relationship with Christ. This mindset is similar to driving without a GPS. The Bible is the instruction manual that God provides to guide us to a life filled with purpose and blessings. God speaks to His children through the Word and the Bible is a great source of comfort and encouragement in hard times.
Sadly, because what God says about certain topics (sexual immorality, unforgiveness, etc.) goes against what the world believes, a lot of people tend to resist God's Word and accuse the Bible of being incorrect, non-factual, and even mistranslated. Thankfully 2 Timothy 3:16-17 assures us that every single word in the Bible came from God and is His will for our lives.
Reading the Bible can seem like a daunting task. It has thousands of pages and was written thousands of years ago which can be confusing. This is why it is important that you make it a daily habit to read the Bible in order to improve your understanding to be able to receive everything God wants you to have.


John 1:1
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.



Here are 4 Tips To Reading The Bible

1. Where To Start- If you have never read the Bible before you might think the best place to start is Genesis since it is the first book in the Bible. But depending on where you are in your Christian journey some books might be better to start off your education. If you have just given your life to Christ we recommend starting in the Book of John as it shows the life of Jesus and helps you to understand the sacrifice that He made for us. If you are struggling with a decision in your life and need some wisdom, Psalms and Proverbs are a great place to go. Finally, if you are in a storm and need faith and encouragement, reading about the characters in the Bible is very helpful so that you can see the way God worked in their lives. The stories of David, Job, Jonah, Esther, and Moses are great places to start.

2. Take Notes- Studies show that by actively reading through note-taking and highlighting, the readers are able to better comprehend information. We recommend keeping pens and highlighters nearby when reading the Word. Highlighting scriptures that speak out to you or using sticky notes to write down your thoughts of what you're reading is a great way to better understand the Word. Journaling is also an amazing tool to help better educate yourself. There are amazing Bible Journals out there with guided prompts you can purchase. You can also create your own using the SOAP method. S- Write the Scripture that stood out/O- Write what you observed from that section / A- How can you apply it to your life / P- Pray and ask God for help

3. Use Commentary- Using a commentary book or app can help you to better understand passages that might be confusing. It is a great source of reference for additional information and better comprehension. Recommend the Enduring the Word App which breaks down almost every single verse in the Bible.

4. Read with an Open Heart and Discernment- Unfortunately it is common for people to twist scripture to fit their own narratives which is why it's important that we are reading the Bible for ourselves to know the truth. But reading the Bible can be confusing because it was written a long time ago. This is why it is important to pray before reading to ask God to allow your heart to be open to what He is trying to tell you. It is also important to keep context in mind to avoid misinterpreting scripture. Practice makes perfect so the more you read the Word of God the better you will understand your journey to Christ.



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How To Read The Bible!!!


 Final Thoughts 

 Reading the Word of God is very important in growing your relationship with Christ. We know it can seem like a daunting task, but with the proper tools and methods, you can become a pro! Reading in context, taking notes, using commentary, and knowing where to start can be very helpful. The Bible is the instruction manual God gives us to live this life, so don't miss out!


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Thank you for the tips.

Alicia Gross

Thank you for the tips.

Alicia Gross

Thank you so much!!


Really appreciate the tips

Star. O

This is so helpful not only you hair products but this thanks so much.


This is so helpful honestly 🙏🙏

Juliana James

A great reminder that the Bible is the instruction manual Christ has given us on how to live life. However, I have honestly struggled with consistency in the past but reading this further motivated me to commit to doing this every day an stop making excuses about not having enough time. God bless you Brittany!


It’s as if you knew how much I needed this.
My journey as a Christian has been a roller-coaster. There where times I was doubtful of believing and times where I would easily seek knowledge and understanding from the bible. At times I would try to dedicate myself to study the bible but would not know where to begin or would lack consistency.

I am hoping to make the time to study God’s word and grow my spiritual journey.

Kylie Vilakazi

This post is so important as today people see reading the bible as a chore and what is written here is a great reminder to not only see but understand what you’re reading.I love this small community and seeing someone like me grow in her spiritual and hair journey. ❤️

Michelle Ajani

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